College Bound Seniors

English IV is a year long course designed for the college bound senior. The course includes the study of England's literature beginning with the Anglo-Saxon period and continuing to the Eighteenth Century.  Emphasis is placed on note taking skills and on the reading of major literary works with which the average college student should demonstrate a familiarity. This emphasis includes an examination of themes, historical events, and the authors' backgrounds, which helped shape the writings. The composition portion of the class (which includes the study and application of the 6 + 1 Writing Traits) is designed to develop all the communicative skills required for use in college courses and for developing themes and doing research.  The research papers will be written using both the MLA and APA paper formats in conjunction with the literature studied and the senior experience.


-English Composition
  -Creative Writing
  -English Literature
  -Senior Experience



Visit The Globe Theatre in Lond


Visit the Globe Theatre